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Son Promised a Home to his Father when He was a Kid... But What He Gave is More than Expected !

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I'm not including everyone but let's face the fact that people nowadays are not as family oriented as before. But there are still people who are always looking after their family especially in the time of needs. Just like the story of a father and son that have touched the hearts of everyone.

Watch this very inspiring and at the same time touching story of how this Son promised a home to his Father when he was a kid but gave more than anyone could ever expected.

The story goes after his Mother died and his Father had mild stroke. His dad got nowhere else to live so He decided to let him live with them together with his own family. His wife took care of him, she fed him, clean all of his mess and even gave him a bath. But she got tired and asked his husband to send him to their relatives. But he refused to do so, he never gave up on his father. He was very determined to give back all the love and care that his father gave to him when he was a kid.

A home is not just about the place, but it is about the love in the family. The best and most beautiful things in the world could not be seen or even touched, It must be felt by the hearts.

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