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Son Borrowed $8 Dollars To His Dad...But What the Young Boy Did to the Money Brought Tears to His Father's Eyes

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As a child , we've been asking almost everything to our parents.Even though they're having a hard time finding ways to give what we need, they always dug up roads to provide us things that we want. But the story of this kid who have asked for $8 to his Father is different than the others.


One day a father came home from work late,tired and exhausted because he was very busy making money for their family.

His 7-Year-Old son approached him with a smile and said "Dad, can you help me with my home work?".

The tired father replied with an angry face "Not now, I'm Tired".

The boy was disappointed but still smiled at his father and walked slowly away from him.

The next day, he came home very angry because his boss shouted at him for something wrong that he didn't do.

His son approached him again then asked, "What's wrong daddy? Is everything okay ?"

The father didn't replied and walked straight right to his bedroom.

Days have passed and the young boy still gets the same cold shoulder from his father.

Then one day, It is payday and he came home carrying some meal from a fast food restaurant.

The kid excitedly asked his father while having their dinner , "Dad, how much do you make an hour?"

Dad replied, "$15 per hour, why?"

Suddenly, the kid's face looks sad after looking at his pocket then asked " Can I borrow $8? please?"

After the father gave the money to his son, he asked him "What are you going to do with that money?"

The boy then pulled some coins from his pocket and gave it to his father together with the $8 that he asked for.

His dad was confused asking why is he giving all those money to him.

Son replied "That's all the money that I've had, I think it is exactly $15. Can I buy an hour of your time? please come home early tomorrow, I would like to play with you and my toys."

His Dad's eyes started to bring tears then said "Of course! I'll come home early tomorrow and we will play at the play ground. Now, go to bed and have some rest. Tomorrow is gonna be a blast and you will be needing all of your energy."

Son asked " But why are you crying?"

Father replied with a smile, "Nothing, I'm just happy that we're gonna have fun tomorrow".


Ignorance of a child sometimes could touch our hearts and at the same time teach us a valuable lesson just like the story does.

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