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Short Film: Touching Long Distance Relationship that Left Everyone in Tears

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Compared to the last 2 centuries, It is now easier to find a relationship because of the fast evolution of technology. But we cannot deny how it became even more easier to leave and break the heart of our partner. Most relationship that didn't worked out well is L.D.R or a Long Distance Relationship.

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Well of course because it is harder to show your true emotion and affection to the ones you've loved. They often hide their real feelings and cover it all up with smiles just so his partner don't have to worry about him.

When they're sad, they couldn't give each other a kiss or a hug. But few of these lovers survives, because of the patience, faith and love that they have sacrificed to remain in their relationship.

Just like Owdi and Yum, who have been inside their long distance relationship since 2013 but despite all odds, they've managed to get even more stronger together. Even though they don't touch or see each other in person, they still has a constant communication through Skype, text and calls.

This Short-film are for those people who's in a Long Distance Relationship, this could really inspire you and your partner.

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