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She Was Cheated By Her Boyfriend... But Look Who Came in To Join Her Revenge!

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Being cheated in a relationship is undeniably one of the worst thing that could happen. Today, It is very rampant to a relationship being wasted because of cheating. Because not all people are capable of giving loyalty and faithfulness to their partners.

But what are you going to do if you were the one who was cheated? Would you let it go? Or plot a revenge? An Australian woman named Lyn Kent posted a video of herself declaring that her boyfriend is a cheater, and did so while naked in bed with another guy.

Watch how it goes.


I think she did this kind of revenge because she was badly hurt, well, no one could be fine after a serious break up because of cheating.

Maybe we should take this as a lesson, that it is never okay to cheat. You could hurt the feelings of your partner that could damage her for life. Because cheating is generally a very painful experience for one or both committed partners.

Source: Wereblog


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  1. That can't be some form of revenge...she's with a fag-lookin skinny guy so how could the ex feel jealous about it? get a real man who could give you some serious fuckin'..

    1. Her ex is like 12 years old

  2. ohmy!!!! so pathetic!!!! get a life girl!!!!!

  3. how dare you!!! she's my wife!!!!!

  4. Cheating for me is a way of killing somebody's feeling.. I encounter that kind act and yes it was hurting weew but as what the girl do I had a revenge also I fucked up with the best friend of my ex and using his own car... And after that I felt great...

  5. I tried once. The revenge part. I try to love somebody but I just can't do it.




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