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She Started Making a Scene After Finding Out That He's Cheating on Her ... What Happens Next Dumbfound Everyone!

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We have seen so many cheating videos that shocks us in so many levels. But if you think you have seen it all, well you should think again!

This video was posted by Pusong Mallig  and have gone viral because of its very unexpected scene thrown by these guys.

It all started when the girl who supposed to be the vocalist of a performing band in a local restaurant finds out that her boyfriend is sitting in front of her with someone else. She said that she can't take it anymore, that is why she walked straight right to his boyfriend and surprisingly slapped him with all her strength. The other girl was really shocked because of what happened and all that she could do is to cry.

Nagwala si GF dahil ipinagpalit ni BF sa iba....Yan tuloy ang nangyari ang madugong pag aaway nila.......Pa like naman poh ang#Pusong_Mallig
Posted by Pusong Mallig on Wednesday, August 20, 2014

But moments after, the girl shouted on top of her lungs saying that the guy promised him that he will give it to her. Everyone was very curious and shocked at the same time because they have no idea what she was talking about. Then she gave something to him, the Guy immediately kneels in front the other girl. Yes! It was all a set up! They did this for a proposal and it worked really well that even I was fooled by their act.

Everyone inside the restaurant cheered after the real girlfriend says "YES" to him. Kudos to those people who helped them because they've executed the act very well. They should get a Palanca Award or something for executing a great act.

Source: Pusong Mallig


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