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She has Parasites Feeding on her Eyeballs... The Doctors kept her Awake for a Week Because of this !

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As far as I know, there are two types of contact lenses. One is to improve your eyesight and the other one is used for fashion. It really could help us see more clearly and at the same time makes our eyes even more elegant. Even though , this could deal a very serious damage into our eyes if we don't use it properly.

Jessica Greaney, an 18-year-old college student had been infected by a parasite contaminating her contact lenses that she almost lost her eyesight.

Her eyes started irritating for couple of weeks, because of this, she had to go to the hospital to have a check-up. The doctor said that it is because of ulcer, but the medication that she used did not make it any better.

Jessica went back to the hospital when her eyes seemed to appear like a red golf ball. To further analyze the happening on Jessica's eyes, the doctors scraped a sample of her eye. And the shocking news came in.

A parasite known as Acanthamoeba Keratitis was feeding on her eyes. She went through a terrifying sequence of treatment to kill the parasite and stop it from blinding her.

As a treatment, the doctors did not allow her to sleep for a whole straight week so that the nurse could give her an eye drops.

After it, the doctors advised that she needs to continue putting an eye drop to prevent her eyes from swelling.

She was very lucky that the doctors detected the parasite that feeds on her eyeballs,it could really damage her eyes that could lead to blindness. Let this be a lesson to everyone that we should be more careful on using these contact lenses.


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