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Science: Couple's Sleeping Positions and Their Meaning...Find Out How Happy You Are in Your Relationship

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Did you know that even your sleeping position has scientific explanation? According to science, if you sleep on the left side of the bed you are creative, but it is a bad thing if you sleep on the right side of it.

What is more interesting is that they even have explanation for the sleeping position of a couple. Well for the ladies and gentlemen out there, this could give you a hint if your partner is not happy in your relationship.

1. The Cherish - Couple that sleeps back to back but touching, This means that you and your partner is comfortable, intimate and relaxed with each other,your relationship is stable

2. The Liberty - Back to back but not touching, you and your partner is manageable and independent enough to sleep separately. you and you're partner are used enough to each other and accept each other's sleeping habits.

3. Spoons - The man hugs the woman on the inside,your relationship is stable, this is a traditional position in which the male takes the lead and protects his lover.

4. Pillow Talk - Couple faces each other, you and you're lover wish to communicate more with each other, this represents an intimate need for one-to-one contact and conversation in bed.

5. Lovers Knot - Face to face with legs intertwined, a position for the born romantics.If legs intertwined all night, it only means that you are both cannot bear to be separated each moment together counts. But if it separates after 10 minutes, it demonstrate as a loving independence.

6. Spoons - Woman hugs on the outside hugging the man, This kind of sleeping position can be found among men who appears to be manly when they go out. The female takes the lead and protect her man while he is sleeping.

7. The Romantic - Woman lying with head and arm on man's chest. An intimate pose which is popular in Hollywood movie's bed scene position. This one is favorable to a new relationship or after love making, this represents new love.

8. Superwoman - Man hanging on the side of the bed while woman lying in a star fish position. The man takes the secondary role while the woman rules the bed in this position, she likes her space.

9. Superman - Opposite of Superwoman, The male is the king in this position, he likes to have his way and the female is happy and in favor.

Other sleeping positions of couples:

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Remember, the closer you are to you're partner, 
the happy you are in your relationship.

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