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"Scandal Wag Ipasa"... Song Written to Respond to the Alleged Andrea Brillantes Private Video

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The alleged scandal video of ABS-CBN Teen Star smashed the hearts of the fans of Andrea Brillantes. It rapidly spread through social media because of those people who have passed it over to their friends and inconsiderately posted and shared it onto their accounts.

But concern Netizens flooded the social media sites supporting the awfully judged Kid. One of them is Latigo, a local rapper who wrote a song responding to the alleged Andrea Brillantes Private Video.

The video was uploaded on his YouTube channel, saying that it's not just for Andrea Brillantes but for the other victims who have been molested online by those discourteous and rude people who have feasted on their private video.

The message of this song is very meaningful which wanted to put a stop in the malicious practice of spreading scandalous videos. What are your thoughts about this?


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