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Prank Gone Wrong: Guy Acting Drunk Got Robbed By Hookers!

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We all have to unwind sometimes and forget the stress from our work or our problems even in a small amount of time. And one of the best way to enjoy our day off is to have some drink or go to a club with our friends and have some fun. But too much alcohol could leave us a serious random experience just like this video that i will show you.

Watch this video of a prank from SoFloComedy that gone viral on YouTube by garnering 8 millions views with tons of thumbs up and comments. This will teach us something specially to those people who are more often goes to clubs and get drunk.

This video shows that the guy was acting drunk, then came over to those three girls without any excuses. they all thought that he is going to puke in front of them and have some mess all over their dresses. But after noticing that he was really drunk (although he's not),One of the girls offered to walk with him so she could help him. Then two girls started caressing him and suddenly one of the girls reached out to his back pocket and and grabbed his phone then passed it to the other girl. After the third girl got the phone, she sneaks out and walked away assuming that she didn't noticed by the drunk man.

But this guy already knew what's going on so he acted fast before his phone disappears with those hookers. He ran through the girl who has it and ask her to give him back his phone. The girl denied the accusation and acted like she don't have what the guy is asking for. But the guy knows where she puts his phone and asked for it with an angry temper. The girl gave his phone but still denies what the was saying and said that she didn't even touched it.

The lesson here is that we all have to take care of our selves and our belongings cause people tend to do bad things to us when we give them a chance.

Source: SoFloComedy


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