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Policeman Saves Him from His Suicide Attempt By Breaking His Fall Using His Own Body

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People nowadays tend to do unimaginable things such as suicide because of depression. We can't blame them, because we don't know what battle they were fighting and all that we can do is to give them support and let them feel that they're not alone.

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See this video on how a policeman saves a 32-year-old guy who jumped out of a building.

Police officer Liang Xiao had been convincing a man not to end his life, but he could not gain the trust of this suicidal man. As he jumps off from the four-story building, he gets tangled on a bamboo scaffolding before falling.

With just a few seconds, the policeman acted so fast without any hesitation. The officer breaks the man's fall by using his body before he hits the ground. Astoundingly, both of them survived the breathe-taking incident. They were both declared "Out of Danger" after being brought to the nearest hospital.

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