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One-Eyed Baby Dies Within Seconds Leaving Her Mother a Broken Heart

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A deformity called Cyclopia is one of the rarest forms of birth defects wherein a baby is born with only one or conjoined eyes on the mid-forehead and sometimes the nose and mouth are often not working or worst none.

It is really saddening, because of these deformities, the baby is unable to breathe outside the womb of its mother. It is really the worst day for every mother to see their babies suffering with this kind of deformity and couldn't do anything to save them.

There’s nothing you can do but watch them die unless they’re stillborn upon delivery.

On July 26, 2012, A Peace Corps volunteer in Cameroon named Sean McCaffery  posted a photo of a cycloptic baby born in Cameroon on his personal blog.

The images went viral in different Social Media sites all over the world.

He said that he was just visiting a local hospital when a nurse called him and saw a towel wrapped into something in a pan. Sean presumed it was a newborn baby.

Sean was right, But when the nurse pulled off the towel, he said, “it was as if the entire reality of Africa came crashing down upon my shoulders.”

“The baby had no mouth, no nose, and one severely deformed eye with two pupils. The nurse continued to pull away the towel, and at first, I was relieved. The torso, arms, and little hands seemed completely normal. But the nurse continued, and then pointed to the genital area of the baby, where I saw the child had both sets of genitalia and, according to the nurse, no anus,” he said.

Sean was stunned when suddenly the baby moved, the baby was still alive and it began to move its arms and kicked its legs.

Unfortunately, because the baby doesn’t have a nose and mouth to breathe, all they could do is stand there, watch and wait for the baby to suffocate and give in.

Sean asked about the mother, who is fine and lives far away from the hospital and there’s a huge possibility that she ingested some kind of toxic plant or chemical unknowingly.

He felt like being hit by a sledgehammer and sensed the deepest pain of a mother after seeing the child. He said:

“The mother, carried and expected and hoped, for this child for nine months. Nine months. American’s can’t wait nine months for anything. We can’t even wait a few months to see the baby when it’s still in the womb. We criticize Africans for having no sense of delayed gratification, but we are absolutely the biggest hypocrites when we do that. Yet, our desire to see the baby isn’t all that selfish. If the equipment, such as a sonogram, had been available in the hospital, it is likely that the child’s deformities would have been seen early on, and that the mother never would have had to carry it to term. She and her family would have been spared the tremendous emotional shock, disappointment, and shame.”

This message brought tears into my eyes and slowly broke my heart into tiny pieces. I felt the pain that the mother is now carrying. Because all that she can do is move on and accept the fact that things really does happen with a reason.

Source: Story Marvels


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