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Newborn Baby Boy Defied All Odds After Being Buried for Eight Straight Days... The Reason Why Will Make You Furious!

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A lot of babies are being abandoned by their parents, as I have said through all my articles regarding to this matter, Please! if you can't bare to handle the responsibility of having a baby then don't make one!

Another story of an awful baby who have survived after defying all odds is now circulating the world wide web.

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A woman in about 40 to 50 years old named Lu Fenglian was collecting herbs for Chinese medicine on the mountain of Tian Dong Country suddenly heard crying voice from a child that she couldn't find where it came from.

At first she thought that the mountain is haunted by lost spirits, so she ran out of it and go straight right to the Buddhist temple to ask for help.

The woman together with a 75-year-old Monk Zhao Shimin immediately returned to the scene where she heard the crying sound of a child. But after moments of searching, the monk thought that the baby must have been buried underground where there was numerous of unnamed graves.

After calling the police, they immediately dug up the dirt in where the baby was buried until they have found its location.

The baby was on a Cardboard Box and covered with a blanket that is full of dirt.

The findings of the investigation said that the baby was buried for 8 days and was abandoned by his parents because of a cleft lip that he has.

Watch the full report below:

Source: Wereblog


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