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Must Read: Man Admitted To Have Been Addicted To In Eating Women's Poop!

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For many people around the world, this is definitely one of the most-disgusting news about addiction that has gone viral on social media. Watch the trending article about this man below.

As been stated in the report of Inform Overload, the said man is a Chinese that is currently living in Guandong Province in China. It is also mentioned that this terrible and unpleasant behavior of the said man lasted for about 8 long-years already.

According to some researches regarding this, on the statement of a security guard at the shopping mall, the man has been seen going to the toilets since early this year. The guard also said that the man walks in on women before they are able to complete flushing in the restroom.

There is also a female dweller who said that the man who was roaming into public toilets have left her feeling extremely nervous, particularly since he has been spotted lying in wait in another female restroom close by. A medic from the No.3 Hospital of Jiangmen said that it is very likely that the man has a history of insanity.

“It is more like a good and pleasure feeling after eating it,” said the Chinese man. Many theories have arrived regarding this. And what’s common of them is the notion that it is some of a serious psychological illness that needed a massive medical treatment.

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Source: InforMoverLoad


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