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Most Epic and Thrilling Wedding Proposal Ever! The Actress Left in Tears After This!

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Everyone are going crazy for their relationship proposals, even teenagers are thinking for the most unique yet the sweetest proposal that they could afford. Imagining their love ones being surprised and in tears because of the effort that they made,it is really priceless.

Well that's exactly what Cymber got from her boyfriend Seth McMurry. Cymber thought that she was only making an action film for her boyfriend's brother on his YouTube Channel AndrewMFilms.

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But it was all planned to make the most romantic yet epic and thrilling proposal of all time.

The said film is entitled "Explosive Engagement" in which the couple will run along the rooftop of a parking garage in Little Rock while a helicopter is firing bullets at them.

Seen on the last part of it, Seth saves her from being hit by a crashing helicopter.

After the most thrilling part of the film, Cymber didn't realized that Seth is already on his knees while she was asked to look outside the building.

And when she turns around, she was really shocked to see her boyfriend while holding a ring and asking her to marry him.

This really is the most thrilling yet romantic wedding proposal ever, what are your thoughts about the ending of the movie? share it with us on the comment section below!

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  1. im married for 6 years..but it was bcoz ny hubby got me how it is in the philippines but i love him so much tho' was a civil always dreaming..him proposing without me knowing...just like wats on the clip...i always fantasized marriage proposals..i dream of wearing a gown..walking down the isle...he's in abroad..missed him much...

    1. He he we're on the same shoes...but mine was a little bit worst....
      Im engaged to be married with my longtime boyfriend (3years)when i got preggy by my i ended up marrying my besty instead of my fiancee....😉
      Luckyly my exfiancee didnt do anyharm for all of now he's my daugther godfather....




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