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Man Reportedly Grew Breasts Because of the Fried Chickens that He Loves to Eat!

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A 26-year-old man went for advice after his chest began to get bigger and larger.

The college graduate named Mr.Li really appreciates poultry, and no one could ever imagine how he loves eating fried chicken wings and drumsticks.

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But the doctors told him his love of the fast food, the chickens to be exact, are the ones who who's responsible behind his growing boobs.

They warned him that the Hormones of the chicken were to blame, and advised that he should eat more of his veggies and fruits.

We all know that fried chicken is one of the world's most popular edibles that are eaten from a fast food restaurant. Some chicken have been found to contain growth hormones and other substances during the tests from various parts of the world.

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