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Man Wanted to End His Life Because of Severe Back Pain... But Someone Came and Changed His Life!

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We shouldn't condemn people who commit suicide,because we don't know what kind of battle their fighting and how they struggle to survive. Depression is one of the reason why people thinks ending their own lives is the only way to end the pain that they're enduring.

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 This man named Muntathar Altaii had severe back pain, he was complaining about it to his parents everyday. He got it back when he was just 17 years old after trying to pull out the root of a tree. He lost the feeling of his right leg, he couldn't stand straight as well. Because of this, his back bended and formed like an arc.

His parents tried to look for a medical treatment to end the suffering of their son, but nothing happened. Munthatar decided to send a message to a doctor from Australia that has an experience as a chiropractor which could help him gain recovery.

The family took chances and flew to Australia to find out if there are any chances that he could recover.

Here's what happened:

Source: Chiropractic Excellence


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  1. This is stupid. They said he almost wanted to die, but there was never a hint in the video that he almost committed suicide.




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