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Little Hongbo: The 7-Year-Old Boy Who Was Found Living with Pigs and Treated Like an Animal

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A filthy long haired boy who was seen riding at the back of a waste cart with pig and was treated as one of the animals is now rounding the world wide web.

The boy’s picture riding at the back of the refuse cart together with pigs that was posted in social media alarmed the authorities and which lead the social worker named Puyang Loving Society to visit the family in Qingfeng County in northern China’s Henan province.

The Society have found the boy in one of the pig pens while covered in filth and dirt with cuts and bruises all over his body.

According to the authorities, The boy's name is Liu Hongbo and was living outside with pigs. They even said that the 7-Year-Old Boy is unable to communicate with humans.

His neighbors said that little Hongbo was often heard crying after his mentally disordered mother beats him up, while his father raised pigs and rides rickshaw for a living.

What is more shocking is that Hongbo's parents already had 5 children and only two have survived.

While Little Hongbo's aunt took away his younger brother right after he was born.

After the visit of the generous society, The little fighter received much-needed medical helps.
Experts believed that once this young boy was put in a normal loving environment, he would still be able to learn to speak and live a normal life.

Little Hongbo will be staying with his aunt reuniting with his younger brother and he will be getting a monthly allowance of 500 Yuan ($80) from the local government until he turns 18.

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