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Inspiring Story of How a 3-Year-Old Boy Born Without Face Survived !

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We may have seen different inspiring stories about babies and children who defies all odds that have been encouraging more people to continue living with their lives and teaching them that no matter what state they are in, there are still people who's struggling more than them but continues their lives.

Just like the story of this brave young little boy who have touched the hearts of the people and inspired each and every one of them after reading and witnessing how he managed to survive with his condition.

Yhaya El Jabaly, a 3-year-old boy who's struggling after being born without a Nose , Eyes and upper Jaw. But Despite on his rare condition, this never discouraged him to live as a normal happy toddler that he should be.

This story immediately went viral on different social media after meeting the kindest person named Fatima Baraka, she was the one who reached out to people by asking for a little help that they could give to this young and brave little boy.

Yahya was then forced to transfer from Casablanca to Australia which consumes six hours of travel.

In a life-changing procedure, the little boy was then given the second chance to live a happy and normal life. Through a surgery, they are giving him another chance to live this wonderful life.

"I just can't believe what he's been through and now he just comes out and gets better and better every time. He looks like a normal little boy. He's a very smart little kid, he's got so much potential, there's no reason for him not to have a good, healthy bright future." Fatima remarked.

After the operation, you can clearly see the transformation of Yahya's face. Although what he just underwent is just the beginning, it's still heart melting. The little boy will still be needing prosthetic eyes and more work on his nose.

Now, the boy is doing well and he now has a face of an angel after a long medication. But still he needs it to have his full recovery. Thanks to the Melbourne Doctors and of course to Fatima that clearly stands as Yahya's guardian angel.

Sources: Wereblog / Cracker Daily


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