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Illegal Underground Noodle Factories In China Revealed!...Their Production Continues With Bugs,Flies and Cockroaches!

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Noodles originally came from China, which is very popular to other Asian Countries.

Recently, a report exposed  how an illegal underground noodle factories managed their production. Pictures and videos came up showing how Bugs, Flies and Cockroaches gets to live in their noodle products. While inconsiderate workers simply leaves their produced noodles sitting on a filthy ground together with these creepy insects and let it be their breeding grounds to multiply.

According to the report, only 5 factories are approved by the country, and all others are already illegal. In the video, it can be seen that “processed” rice noodles are put in baskets, and are left just anywhere to dry—here, bugs and different pests thrive.

After hearing the report, the entire nation is now disgusted and couldn't even touch a single strip of a noodle. For the consumers, It is better to check your food before eating it. Be meticulously aware because your health depends on it.

Source: Viral4Real


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