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Ignoring the Stairs? You Will Love it After This Cool Transformation!

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Which one will you prefer, the stairs or escalator? I'm sure most of you will pick the escalator because it is more convenient and easy to use than the stairs. But what if I tell you that taking the stairs could be fun? Want to know how? watch this video.

Image from Youtube
In this cool video taken at the Odenplan Stockholm, the people who passes by always pick the escalator than the regular stairs. As you can see, there are almost none of them who took the regular stairs. But can we get these people to choose the stairs by making it fun to do?

These guys tried to inject some fun into using the stairs by making it a giant piano. In this way, the person who will step on it will have the experience to play this amazing piano stairs. After putting the keys on the steps of the stairs, the end of this experiment is a success making 66 percent of the population who typically uses the escalator decided to use the stairs!

Having fun really is a big factor in our lives, so enjoy every day that you have and let fun guide you for the rest of your life!

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