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How This Baby Miraculously Survived After Being Buried Alive Inside a Muddy Tunnel Will Surely Surprise You!

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I can't imagine how some people could leave their children without thinking the risks that could possibly happened to their child. These kind of parents do not deserve to have this kind of  blessing. There are people who wanted to have even just one but couldn't afford to because of some reason. I really wish these children could go to a place that they could call Home.

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This story took place in Brazil, in which a baby who was abandoned by his inconsiderate parents inside a muddy hole and miraculously survived after 24 horrifying hours.

The baby boy was left buried in a muddy tunnel together with a bunch of flies surrounding him.

According to a police report, One of the neighbors said that Lucinda Ferreira Guimaraes, the mother of the baby, supposedly left the house in the morning with a big belly, she was still pregnant but came back around 6pm with a smaller stomach and bloody clothes.

He already suspected her after seeing the woman then looked around the area,but he stopped searching because it was getting dark. When he continued the search the following day, He saw the baby's head by a bush in a muddy tunnel together with the umbilical cord still attached to him.

Doctors explained how the baby managed to survive.

First, the rain washed away the dirt of the baby's head that could possibly buried him completely.

Second is the umbilical cord that was still attached to the baby prevents the blood loss that allowed him to survive.

Thirdly is that the nutrients still remains because the baby was freshly out from his mother.

The mother was arrested and sent to prison even after denying that the baby is hers and did not admit to burying the awful baby.

The baby is now in the custody of his biological father. It was not reported where he was during the incident that prompted Lucinda from burying her baby.

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