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He Pulled Out a Huge Creature From His Ears While He Was Sleeping.. But What His Mother Did to it is Totally Unexpected!

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Most insects wanted their habitat to be dark,wet and has that attracting odor. But what if the perfect place for them to live is inside your body? What are you going to do if they have decided to live inside you?

Just like what happened to this 14-Year-Old teenager who enjoyed the limelight of the viral news late not for fame and glory but for a nightmare that has tormented him in severe and unimaginable pain.

Grant Botti has been in drastic pain in the ear for several weeks. Finally after weeks of sleepless nights, he took the courage to pull out the culprit just to find out the most horrific fact that a four-inch centipede is crawling inside his ear.

He thought that it was just something strange inside his ear, Until he pulled out a huge centipede from his ears

The infiltration of the insect remains a mystery, but now Botti is getting the medical attention that was deprived of him.

Angeli Botti, the mother of the teenager secured the live insect in a plastic bag hoping that this little monster will never gonna hurt anyone's ear or other organ.

Is this really a smart move from his mother? let's just hope that this creeper could stay inside that plastic bag.

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