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He Lost His Face Because of Nose Cancer, But How He Gets His Face and Life Back Will Surely Motivate You

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We all know that Cancer is one of the most deadliest disease that a person would ever encounter. It will cost you your life if this was found late. But few survives because they never give up, having fate to God is a big factor.

Meet this amazing man named Eric Moger, six years ago he went in for a Routine Operation to remove nasal polyps. But the doctors found a more horrifying thing living in his left face. A Tumor the size of a Tennis Ball.

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He was diagnosed with advanced Squamous Cell Carcinoma because his tumor have gone huge with its size. The doctors had to remove most of the left side of his face in order to survive.

His life saving surgery cost him his face but he is now cancer free. He became depressed because he's unable to eat or drink normally and even speak clearly.

Eric underwent to eight surgeries over the next four years but failed. But a British reality show called Embarrassing  Bodies invited him to appear in their segment and he agreed.

He met Dr.Christian Jessen who later referred him to a dental surgeon named Andrew Dawood.

The surgeon used Digital scanning technology to capture Eric's face and then used a Digital software to design the prosthetic mask.

At last Eric's life has been regained because of the prosthetic mask that made by Dr. Dawood. He is now happily married with his wife Karen.

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