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He Caught His Neighbor Stealing His Phone And Posted it On Facebook... What the Robber Did Next Confound Everyone !

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We find our neighbors very generous and friendly when it comes to hospitality. But we should not trust all of them, because some people carry out good things to you just to pretend and to accomplish their unpleasant thoughts that motivates them to do such thing.

Watch how this man stole the phone from his Neighbor's Motorbike. Luckily,the owner caught him in the act from his CCTV CAMERA and posted it on his Facebook account. But what the robber did next was truly unexpected!

After posting it on Social Media , their friends and other neighbors started watching the video that eventually seen by the man who robbed him. He was then started giving his own statement saying that he didn't knew that it was his neighbor's bike, and he should be thankful that he gave it back.

See the comments Below:

There's nothing wrong on defending yourself, But in social media who have watched by thousands of people the wrong act that you did? I think you have picked the wrong Court.

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  1. Nagdahilan pa ang labas parin magnanakaw. hahaha may pagkabias din ang shunga.

  2. This is a very poorly written article.

  3. magnanakaw ka parin, kahit anong dahilan mo. isinuli mo lang kasi nakita ka sa cctv... kug hindi ka magnanakaw... Anong tawag sa iyo? HAYOP???

  4. asus,,mkareact kayong lahat akala mo mga bka nga kng sa inyo nangyari un,hnd niu na binalik ung phone!!wag dn tayong masyadong magjudge!!harap muna sa salamin...��✌��




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