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He Accidentally Lost His Hand from His Work... Why the Doctors Attached it on His Ankle Will Surely Amaze You!

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A factory worker named Zhou accidentally cut off his left hand while working with a rotating blade in the factory. He was rushed to the hospital by his co-workers.

The 25-year-old man said "I was just shocked and frozen on the spot, until my co-workers unplugged the machine and retrieved my hand and took me to the hospital,"

With his age, the young man couldn't imagine life with just a single hand.

Image from The Guardian
The hospital's head of microsurgery Dr. Tang Juyu decided to give Mr. Zhou a chance to bring his lost hand back to his arm.

Image from The Guardian
Doctor's did not directly attached his hand because the damage and condition of his arm are at its worst. Zhou had to wait for 30 days until the wounds are healed for the doctors to proceed with the surgery.

Image from The Guardian
In order to stop the severed hand from dying, they attached it to Xiao's ankle, which lasted for 10 hours. The hand was kept alive by stitching it to Xiao's left ankle and "borrowing" a blood supply from the arteries of his leg.

Image from The Guardian
30 days after, the Doctors perform another operation in order to attach the last hand back to its place. The operation was successful, but Mr. Zhou needs some rehabilitation to regain the function of his hand.

Source: XolXol via The Guardian


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