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Guy Proves Eternal Love to His Girlfriend Who Passed Away... This Will Surely Make You Cry!

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We always wanted to prove our love to our partner and let them feel all the affection that we've had is only just for her.

But there are relationships that didn't worked out because of unexpected things that happens such as cheating, falling out of love and the worst of it is the other half sadly passed away.

Watch how this man proved his eternal love and devotion to his late loving girlfriend, this could leave your eyes in tears.

The video was posted by a Facebook user named Catherine Templo-Coching and touched the hearts of the netizens who have watched this one of a kind scene. The film showed how the boyfriend of Che asked to open the casket and give him a chance to hold her hands for the last time.

He tremblingly opened a small box that he's been holding on his hands containing two rings that supposed to be for their wedding.

After putting the rings on both of their hands, he placed the partner of the couple shirt that he was wearing to complete the word "SOUL-MATE". He even lay a cellphone on the side of his girlfriend and put on her a simple necklace. Before they close the casket, he gave his girlfriend his last kiss.

It is really touching to see this kind of devotion, sadly these people who's giving all their hearts needs to suffer on this kind of pain. But everything happens for a reason and we all know that there are better things that's coming on your way.


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