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Girl Writes Giant Message in the Desert to Her Astronaut Father

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What are you going to do if your father is an astronaut and you wanted to give him a message that could fill his lonely heart with love? Well of course write it down on a desert to make him see your letter, But how is this possible?

Image from Youtube
With the help of Hyundai Car Company, they had 11 Genesis Sedan and a Desert to use as a pen and paper when Stephanie, a 13-year-old girl wanted to write her father a letter who works on the International Space Station.

This amazing advertisement of Hyundai made their wonderful vehicles drive carefully while using a car sat-navs and attached a tire with spikes. These car driven only meters apart in order to make the letters visible.

This enormous message even made it to the Guinness and it was credited as the World's Largest Tire Track Image.

'Steph [hearts] you!' , Her father showed to her an image that he had taken on his camera.

A simple message could really make one person's heart burst with love, especially with this kind of effort.

Source: Metro


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