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Girl Born Without a Face Redefines 'Beauty' After 45 Surgeries

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A girl in Jackson Forida was born without a face. Her name is Juliana Wetmore, she don't have any nostrils or even an eye socket. This left her mother with a broken heart, because seeing her daughter suffering from things that is not her fault could really tear any mother's heart.

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Her condition is called Treacher Collin Syndrome, it is a rare condition that affects 1 in every 10,000 people. Her face appears to be elongated and saggy because she is missing nearly 40 percent of her face's bones.

Doctors had to do a surgery to open her eyes and breath through her closed nostrils. She had a total of 45 surgeries since the day of her birth and Juliana with her family still fights for her to give her a better future.

She is now currently attending elementary school in Clay Country, Florida and still receives medical treatment. Juliana receives nourishment using a tube but her family still hopes that one day she could eat on her own.

Source: USA Today


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