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Generous Boss Took His 6,400 Employees on a Vacation to Paris as a Celebration of their 20th Anniversary

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As an employee, we always seek for a boss who's naturally kind hearted and could treat us just like their friends. In fact, if it wasn't because of the employees their company could go down to drain.

But these employees just found the best Boss ever in the body of Li Jinyuan. He is a chinese Billionaire who owns the Tiens Group Company.

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As a celebration for their company's 20th Anniversary, he invited a total of 6,400 of his employees from different departments on a vacation, and the best part of it is that their going to have it in Paris.

He booked a total of 4,760 rooms to be accommodated by his grateful employees.

It was declared as the biggest human chain ever in the world by the Guinness World Records.The human chain that was formed says, 'Tiens' dream is nice in the Cote d'Azur. It is also a symbol and celebration of 20 years of the partnership of the company to the French Region.

The world record trip costs an astounding 33 million Euros which was an all-expenses paid trip.

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