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Fake Bihon Noodles Discovered in Davao City

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Now everyone is very cautious about fake products that was recently reported on Local News. Just like the rice that was confirmed fake by the authorities, another bogus product are now feared to be circulating the country. The Fake 'Bihon Noodles' that were discovered being distributed in the city of Davao.

Image from TNP
Based on the report, a Barangay Chairman named Gary Gensianos have purchased a fake 'bihon' (thin noodles) in their public market last July 10, 2015.

It appears to be an ordinary thin noodles that can be bought in an ordinary store, it doesn't even have a foul odor when in the process of cooking, but the noodles are very slim compared to the normal noodles.

Samples of the product are brought to the Food and Drugs Administration to be tested. It is done to see if the noodles are safe and authentic. It needs to be tested to see if there  are harmful elements that could cause diseases. If it is harmful, then it should not be available to the public.

The Davao City Health Office are responding to this situation as quickly as possible. To prevent sickness that needs treatment. 


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