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Controversial: SONA Rallyists Allegedly Receives Food and Cash After the Event

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The State of the Nation Address(SONA) 2015 of president Nonoy Aquino (Pnoy) was held last Monday, July 27, 2015. Thousands of protesters marched in Plenary Hall of the Batasang Pambansa, Quezon city. Though they were stopped at bay by the blockade of policemen.

But a photo after the said event have gone viral on the internet showing these call to arms allegedly receiving money and food.

Image from Viral Quaker
Image from Viral Quaker
Image from Viral Quaker
Image from Viral Quaker
This image was posted by Chao-Tiao Yumol in his Facebook account which varied different reactions from the netizens.

Here's what he said:
"The rallyist after the Sona. So anong palitan ng pera at Mcdo ang nanyayari? Akala ko ba prinsipyo ang pinaglalaban? Talaga namang nakakahiya ng maging Pinoy. Ano ba yan." roughly translated in English, "The rallyist after the Sona. So what exchange of cash and Mcdo is happening? I thought you were fighting for your principles? It's really embarrassing to be a Filipino now."

Do you think that this is a legit proof that there had been some secret negotiations or just another wrong perspective of the people?

Source: Viral Quaker


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