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Controversial: Guy Offered 20,000 to an Online Seller for a "Make-Out" After Showing Interest on Her Product

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We cannot control social media, it is part of our lives now. Some of us are making money with it by selling products online. A very convenient way of making money yet very dangerous when it comes to the buyer that you don't have any information about his real background.

Here's one example on how dangerous, This man named Shift Miranda started to inquire about the cosmetics offered by Ms. Dela Cruz via Facebook messenger. He said he is interested to buy some goods for his girlfriend.

After showing him the photo of her product, the guy started to give indecent offer to the seller.

Image from XolXol

Image from XolXol

Image from XolXol

Image from XolXol
"Please don't get offended or mad. I hope you're a open-minded person. What if I give you P20,000 cash for a safe, clean and discreet companionship. No relationship or commitments for P20,000," the buyer's proposal.

Even gave out his number together with his other name and location followed by his photo.

"Mr. Villanueva" seemed serious and he asked Anna to think about his serious offer.

He still insisted his offer even Ms. Dela Cruz already declined.

Netizens named him "Boy 20k".

These kind of Modus Operandi are very common here on social media, please don't be a victim.

Source: XolXol


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