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Confidential: Human Fetuses Found inside the Confiscated Capsules from South Korea

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Thousands of capsules from South Korea are confiscated and now under investigation after the authorities found out that it contains Human fetuses.The said Capsules are in demand because it was viewed as "Cure All" medicine.

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According to a laboratory official in Incheon Airport Customs Inspection, these capsules were analyzed and found that 99.7% - 99.9% of it contains human flesh to which may cause serious health problems to their consumers.

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Authorities said that it is used as a stamina enhancement drug for Chinese workers and was believed to be a cure for cancer patients in South Korea. The said illegal Medicine were believed that it was produced from Northeastern side of China.

Corrupt medical staff of China were said to be the one who's behind all these inhumane act by their brutal process of dispatching awful fetuses.

South Korea decided to strengthen their inspections because of the incident to stop further smuggling of these disgusting pills.

Source: Elite Readers


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