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Cheating Husband Saves Mistress From His Wife and Daughter's Assault

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They say that people cheat on their relationship because of the attitude and wrong behavior of their partner. But why do you have to marry someone who you know that you're not going to be happy with? You're just making your life, even harder because of the decision that you're not sure of.
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Just like this cheating husband who was caught cheating on his wife. His mistress was attacked by his angry wife together with their daughter.

In the video that was captured by a bystander, the mistress is trying to hide her face from any serious damage, and of course from humiliation. The wife and daughter kicked and slapped her as hard as they can just give her the dose of the pain that they've endured inside.

The cheating husband defends his mistress, he even took some of the assault from his lone family. Well the bystanders? They'd just watched and enjoyed the show.

Source: Wereblog


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