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CCTV: 2-Year-Old Boy's Tragic Video Footage on How He Falls Out of an Escalator

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It was a miracle how this 2-year-old boy survives after accidentally falling on a few meters high escalator while he was playing.

According to the Daily Mail, The CCTV footage starts with an older boy stepping on to the escalator while the toddler waits at the top. The younger boy then grabs hold of the handrail and pulls himself up.

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After managing to hang on to the handrail briefly, he slips and falls off, plunging to the floor of the shopping centre below. Different camera footage shows the horrible accident and the immediate reactions of the shoppers.

Luckily, The two-year-old boy survives the fall after rushing him in to the nearest hospital.

For the parents, please take good care and always look after your children because you'll never know what possible harm could do to them outside while unattended until something horrifying like this happens.

Source: Daily Mail


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