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Caught on Cam: Drunk Guy Accidentally Cuts Off Friend's Nose While Playing with a Sharp Sword!

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At every party, there is someone who will make the night unforgettable, whether it is good or bad. But as the time goes by, situations could get even worse because of the influence of alcohol.
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Just like this group of party-goers, watch how they party became the most memorable one.

It all started with just a bit, when these two amigos decided to have a bet on who could slice the sausage better while locked up into one's mouth. But suddenly, a very shocking and upsetting thing just happened.

Image from Elite Readers
After a few attempts made this man with a sword,he accidentally cuts off his friend's precious nose!

This could literally scar these two buddies for the rest of their lives.Clearly, they've learned a very valuable lesson that you should never make a bet at a party especially if you're under the influence of alcohol.

Source: Elite Readers


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