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Bride Almost Commit Suicide... The Reason Why Will Make You Discomfit!

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It is never easy to recover when you get dumped out of a relationship,but getting dumped when it is nearly your wedding day? Well maybe you should expect the worst things that could happen.

China Daily via Reuters
Just like this 22-year-old Bride in the video who were rescued and pulled to safety as she tried to jump off out of the building. She sat on the seventh floor ledge of her apartment building while swinging her legs out the window. She was threatening to jump, saying that she couldn't live without her boyfriend.

China Daily via Reuters
A group of men rushed to the window and managed to grab-hold to the woman and pulled her back inside of the building. At least a hundred people witnessed the dramatic scene from the ground and they all applauded after the successful rescue.

Her supposed husband to be was reportedly married another woman just before their wedding day, she got so depressed that all she could think of is ending her life. The woman sent to the hospital after the Saga but the authorities who tried to call for her fiance said that they couldn't reach them by phone.


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  1. what an asshole! be gone drop dead! >,<

    1. N0 lets t0rture him. .s0 he can sl0wly die!




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