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BEAST MODE: Viral Video of Baron Geisler Picking Fight with an Employee of a Resto Bar

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We all know Baron Geisler, a Filipino actor and how his attitude goes. He was then involved for too many fights and troubles throughout these past few years. One of those conflicts that he has been involved that I could remember was back year 2012, when he was arrested for punching a store owner.

But what does Baron Geisler do now? Well apparently, he still has the same anger management problem. The most recent fight that he was involved has gone viral here on social media.

The video was posted last July 8 2015 and gone viral over night. In this video, he was very angry because an employee of a Resto Bar won’t let him get in. A co-worker of the said employee said that Baron was recently took chances on girls back then. His altercation was very intense as you see in the video. But instead of arguing with him, the people start to ridicule and took video on what he was doing.

Source: Facebook

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