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Amazing Pregnant Woman Gives Birth Inside a Car While on Their Way to the Hospital

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We all know that the babies should be delivered at the Hospital to give them more attention and treatment that are needed to both mother and the newborn child. But we cannot control all of it, some pregnant mothers had no choice but to give birth of their child at home because of their distance from the hospital, and some just couldn't afford it.

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But this pregnant mom just made a different way of giving birth, literally.

The mother with her husband is on their way to the nearest hospital,they have been in the car for 45 minutes. But the woman panicked when she knew that she would not be able to reach the hospital.

Thus, the mother decided to do it by herself, she successfully delivered her 10 lbs baby out of her womb. The satisfaction and happiness from her face is really astounding, knowing that it is very dangerous to give birth without any medical treatment.

Thanks to her loving husband who stayed calm while his wife is on the process of giving birth.

Do you have any experience that almost similar to this? share it with us!

Source: i8thacookies


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  1. let to inform you that i watched the video of that mom how born i child inside the car when she going with her husband to the hospital > but h am in urgent need to know if that really 100% ?




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