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A Miracle Happened After a Wife Refused to Take Off Her Husband's Life Support as The Doctors Have Suggested!

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We have promised to our spouse that we will be there whatever may happen, In sickness and in Health , till death do us part. It takes a lot of fate to accomplish these promises and patience to make your family even stronger. But if you really are determined to be with him for forever, you need to take all the risk.

A good example of it is this married couple who have conquered almost everything just to prove their love to each other.

Seven months after Matt and Danielle Davis got married, a horrifying disquiet threatens their relationship when the Husband, Matt was involved in a motorcycle accident on a Savannah, Ga. interstate, Sunday of July 2011.

The accident sent his body flying that left him multiple major injuries and traumatic brain injury which puts him in a coma. Matt was almost brain-dead and in life support, his devastated new wife Danielle was always besides him saying and talking to him while holding his hands.

The doctor did everything they could to save Matt's life but Danielle received the worst news that the doctors are telling her to remove the life support of his husband because he would never wake up.

But Danielle's love for Matt conquered and refuses to take off his life support.

Three Months after the brutal accident, Matt is still in coma but the doctors gave him a go signal to go home where his wife and his mother would take care of him.

Moments have passed,Danielle's strong faith to God and her continuous prayer finally had an answer. Matt miraculously woke up and said two words "I'm trying", which Danielle would never forget.

Matt's accident wiped out 3 years of his memory and didn't knew that the person who was taking care of him is his beloved wife.

Matt undergoes rehab so he could talk,eat and drink on his own. use the bathroom and and walk on his own with minimal assistance.

After three more years, Matt's condition have greatly improved. and eventually started to do things on his own. But still needed some financial support to pay for rehabilitation because he haven't had his full recovery. If you wish to help the couple, you can donate HERE on their GoFundMe account.

Matt has some advice for other husbands out there.

"Dude, take that trash out. Because there might be a day when you can't"

Source : Wereblog


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