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A 3-inch Nail Wedged Through His Eyeball Socket... But the Luck of This Man is Undeniably Incredible!

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We should never underestimate the danger of the outside world, especially when you're at work. No matter how easy your job is, you should always be more careful with your surroundings. Just like what happened to this man who accidentally wedged a 3-inch nail through his Eyeball.

This 27-year-old landscape gardener who was rushed to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston learned a very valuable lesson to wear his safety gears.

A 3-inch nail got stuck into his eyes while he was doing his job, an unidentified man was using a weed whacker and accidentally hit a nail that bounced back to his face.

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He was immediately rushed into the Hospital. The Doctors gave him a scan to get the detailed image of his injury. Which could possibly take a very long time to be healed.

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But miraculously, the scan showed that the nail did not pierce the actual globe of the man's eye. It even misses his brain by millimeter which, according to the doctors that could really make a major damage to the man.

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8 weeks later, the eyesight of this lucky man had returned to normal. Thanks to the doctors who have done a great job by successfully execute a very dangerous procedure. They even said that he needs to put an eye protection, especially when working in a potentially dangerous environment.

Source: Wereblog


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