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91-Year-Old Man Died After Accidentally Being Stuck Under a Lawn Mower

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Lawnmower is one of the most helpful machinery that people has in their backyard. It could cut off the grass proportionally because of its sharp blades that makes their lawn beautiful. But it is more dangerous than what we think, just like what happened to an awful elder that has a different story.

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The elderly man was operating the ride-on mower just south of Kinna,This man had difficulty on walking and had to previously used the lawn mower to collect the mail.

No one saw the actual incident, so no one knows exactly what happened. But he has ended up under his lawn mower and passed away.

"He was really pleasant, very energetic for his age, and always took care of his garden by himself throughout the years." Said by his neighbor who lives 2 houses from the awful elder's house for 46 years.

The man had no children, and his family has been notified of his death.

Source: The Local Se


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