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2 Year-Old Child Brought Back to Life By a Good Samaritan!

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When there is an opportunity to be a Hero, a lot of people fail at it. But this guy who brought a lifeless body of a 2-Year-Old baby girl back to life just earned a lifetime achievement for being a real-life Superman.

This awesome News came from Australia wherein this baby girl named Shaylar had seizure at a grocery store and the parents didn't know what to do.Luckily, a very considerate man named Rowan O'Neil rushed in to resuscitate the awfully lifeless little girl.Amy Collard the mother, called her husband Mr. Narkle who have entered the store but clearly didn't know what to do which eventually had a breakdown.

But the Father and Mr O'Neill try to save Shaylar by shaking her, patting her on the back and attempting the Heimlich maneuver but fails.

Mr O'Neill begins mouth-to-mouth resuscitation - and after 90 seconds the girl opened her eyes.

The toddler's parents were very grateful to Mr O'Neill for saving their daughter's life.

Credits : InformOverload


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